8 Prophecies for Kenyan Youth by Dr Steve Foss


This generation will be passionate, they will move and change first

2. Seek the flame

They will focus on intimacy with Christ

3. New wine

They will not want traditions as they will see it as having no life

4. Prophetic worshippers

They will want the spontaneous, passionate expressive praise and prayer

5. Leaders with the heart of David

They will look for leaders who will love them unconditionally, invest in them continually, sacrifice for them greatly, and empower them to fulfil destiny

6. Uncompromising

They will reject hypocrisy. If you are phoney, they will not follow you. You will be unable to control them with threats and intimidation. They will not simply follow you because you have a title. They will follow you if they see that you are a leader with the heart of David. They want fathers and mothers in faith.

7. Firebrands

Once they see your unconditional love and humility they will be loyal unto death. They will be the generation that will overcome him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, they will love not their lives unto death.

8. Reformation

If you do not recognize and invest in this young generation they will leave you and find new leaders who will.

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