Walking into one of the Firebrand services you just might lose your cool and think that this people have no respect for God. At least this is a typical reaction from those who have not been exposed to Firebrand Encounters.

You will see people jumping up and down, rolling, spinning and shaking and boy are they loud!

You will hear shouts and screams at approximately every 10 seconds, however this is no cause for alarm.

You will notice people crying and praying together and they will leave you wondering exactly who the overseeing pastor of this church is.

You will worship for hours and hours and until you lose track of time, then maybe conclude for them time is of no essence.

You will then hear people speaking in different languages that you have never heard of but somehow you are still curious to understand.

You will then feel something moving in your belly, an awakening in your spirit, fire burning in your hands but by some miracle you are not getting consumed.

You will make weird noises and groaning and you will not be able to explain those weird sounds coming from your mouth.

You will then begin to sob so hard but somehow you are at peace with all this internal commotion.

You will then get a revelation of what is sin and evil and what is good and holy.

You will not know what to do about this but just as you are thinking about it an image of a lion’s face and flames will play in your mind, before you know it you will be surrounded by flaming lions that are not there to attack you but to help you.

You will then be guided through APEX 101 and 102 classes and before you know it we will find you in the streets wearing a T-shirt with a big lion drawn at the center of it declaring Souls! Souls! Souls!

You will then be approached by a curious by-stander who cannot seem to get his eyes of your T-shirt and at the same time is drawn to your now inconspicuous passion.

You will then smile for a moment as you reminisce on your first Firebrand Encounter. Then you will say;

Well this my friend is a typical Firebrand Encounter where we get crazy for Jesus because we understand that this is how we fight our spiritual battles.

You will explain to him how we overcome challenges with our shout.

You will tell him how nothing excites us more than touching the throne of heaven with our broken spirits and contrite hearts.

You will make him aware of the active force that dominates your Spirit and explain the concept of deep calls unto deep.

You will challenge him on living righteous and make it clear to him that holiness is an everyday awareness of God’s presence.

You will become his family and now look, you’re even crying and praying for him.

And then once it’s all quieted down, you will reveal to him a mystery that is not known to mankind but to the Spirit, a story so common but somehow only few have really heard it , a tale of the lamb that transforms into a lion, your climax will be two rugged sticks covered with blood dripping on holy ground. Then just like you he will come to understand, The value of a soul.

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