This year being a revival year, our vision APEX is more alive than ever before. Souls! Souls! Souls!

We are more than grateful to God for showing us His grace as we embarked on our never-ending missions last week.

 We journeyed out to our local high schools to spread the Gospel of Christ, and as one can expect from us, the Firebrand fire was burning and it was very evident even as we approached the schools.

On Thursday the 17th of January 2019 we went to Nakeel Boys High school, and there we joined the angels in rejoicing after 50 young boys were able to give their lives to Christ. The light of the Lord had finally shone their way.

Nakeel Boys High School – Fifty souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ!!

The Fire did not burn out as on the following day, we were privileged to be hosted by Our Lady of Mercy Secondary school, and it was such a delight as we witnessed 45 more souls give their lives to Christ! The joy in the room was uncontainable as the young ladies became aware of their maker.

Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School – 45 souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ!

On the 19th of January 2019 we then visited St. Anne’s High School, and won 66 souls for the kingdom of God. We have started the year on a high note and now more than ever we are more than determined to be diligent laborers for God.

St Anne’s Girls High School

We then wrapped up the Weekend in more excitement at Park lands Boys’ High school where 77 souls were saved! The room was filled with 150 people and we stood in awe as witnesses, as half the room got saved. This was an unforgettable moment yet very exciting, both for us and the new converts, God be praised!

Parklands Boys High School

As Firebrand we believe that;

The Apex of all Christian endeavor must become, to place the jewel of a soul, in the crown of our savior that the Lamb of God slain may receive the reward of His suffering.

If you want to be part of our Missions to Schools and Universities or want us to come to your school, there is room for you to join the movement. Contact us on any of our social platforms and we will get you involved.

We are Firebrand Nation, winning souls. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.

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  1. Yess more and more souls all time??Our harvest is plenty ??

  2. That the Lamb of God Slain???

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