My attitude towards Christian Apps for a long time has been that of antipathy. I mean we all know the specific apps and uses that fall under this category and they usually include Bible Bible and Bible!

This time however I ran into a very interesting app called, The Flame App. This is an app used to make evangelism easier in the life of today’s Christian.

Truth is, we can’t download every app everyone offers but we can definitely find the right App, suitable for evangelists in their everyday soul-winning ventures and Firebrand Nation seem to have all of us sorted out.

Here is why you should check out The Flame App by Firebrand Nation

  1. It brings soul winners together
  2. Keeps you on the know about all evangelistic events
  3. Grants you access to group chats and fellowship with fellow evangelists
  4. You can hold prayer meetings online
  5. Have live events and video shares online

Aside from its awesome features, the app threatens to be the number one evangelism App because it is the first of its kind to build an Evangelistic Community on the digital space. It stresses the importance of soul-winning but at the same time provides all the help any soul-winner could ever need reminding evangelists all over the world that they are not alone. Nothing brings that out more clearly than their mantra – Alone a flame, together a fire.

Steps to follow

  • The Home page

The app’s interface is what really won me over with a beautifully designed landing page that shows the Firebrand Nation logo and the app’s slogan 1Soul Every Second that alone was inviting enough for me to want to know more.

  • The Sign Up page

The sign-up page hailed well-defined security but also allows you to register via different options including mobile number, Facebook and Google +. I don’t know about you, but I like having options. You complete this step by clicking on the send OTP button that is highlighted in gold.

  • Verification

A verification code is then sent to you if you registered by mobile and you gain your access once you have entered the right code. You can also prompt the app to resend the code should you encounter any challenges.

If using google+ the code will be sent via email and as for Facebook it is rather direct and secure so you’ll end up skipping some stages.

  • Registration

In this stage you will be required to register your personal details then you can now officially sign in to the app and explore.

Additional information on this stage includes providing your church details, location and testimonies. Like I said this app is really built for the everyday Christian and makes more effort to get to know your salvation story on a personal level.

  • Explore

If you followed the above stages rightly you now have full access to the App and now it’s time to explore and evangelize.

You should be able to see a map of your location at the centre and also various features of the app at the bottom. Also, you are now free to create your own events and invite people to join in. All you have to do is click away and enjoy this Firebrand experience that is offered by The Flame App.

And that my fellow brethren is why you need The Flame App on your phone. Download it now on Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS) to join evangelists all over the world and let’s win souls, 1 soul every second.

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